Looking to volunteer?


Can I volunteer at Adult Literacy Plus?

YES! We recruit tutors for individual tutoring in reading, writing and mathematics as well as our conversation classes. We also rely on volunteers for many other valuable services.


Thank you!

We are very proud and thankful for all our tutor volunteers because we have been able to see our students, who were struggling in their studies, being helped and succeeding.


Tutor Volunteers

Our tutor volunteers are volunteers that are willing to meet with students to help them with the subject(s) they are having trouble with. Our volunteers and students are matched with the subject(s), time, location, and dates they are able to meet. After the students and tutors are matched, there are time sheets that must be filled, signed, and turned in to the person that keeps track of the hours worked.


Who can volunteer?

Most of our volunteers have come in offering their knowledge in either Math, Language Arts or both. We also have volunteers to help students who are learning the English language. A few of our volunteers have been recruited from volunteer fairs or come in by recommendation.