Our Administration

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RLA Instructor

Tiana Crumbley

Tiana Crumbley is the Lead English Language Arts (ELA) instructor at Adult Literacy Plus.
While teaching at ALPS, Tiana has had the distinct privilege of helping adult learners improve
their grammar, reading and writing skills and has benefitted from multiple trainings: Arizona
Instructional Leader Academy (AILA), Student Achievement in Reading (STARS), Teaching
Skills That Matter, and is currently attending, Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD)
Institute for Adult Educators.
Tiana also proudly serves on the board of Arizona Association for Lifelong Learning.
Tiana’s passion for learning has been with her since her first teetering childhood steps. Tiana
began her teaching journey working with developmentally disabled children at United Cerebral
Palsy (UCP) which ultimately led to furthering her education in Psychology at Northern Arizona
Tiana completed her B.S. in Psychology from Northern Arizona University in 2015.
In Tiana’s free time she enjoys oil painting, crafting handmade soaps and candles and
relaxing in a hammock reading . Tiana is the proud mother of three amazing children whom
have taught her more than she could ever teach them.

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ESOL Instructor

Grace Ramirez

Graciela “Grace” Ramirez earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Canyon University in Elementary Education and Special Education. She is currently an Elementary teacher for students with developmental delays for Yuma School District One.
Ms. Ramirez loves seeing students of different ages and backgrounds wanting to learn a second language and being able to help them meet that goal. She wants to be able to provide an environment for her students where they will feel comfortable and safe as they take on learning a second language and gain confidence in that language.
In her spare time, Ms. Ramirez enjoys spending time with her friends and family and enjoys reading books of various genres.

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ESOL Instructor

Diana Rosas

Diana Rosas earned a Master of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Hispano-American Literature. As a dedicated researcher and educator, she has a profound appreciation for the arts, neuroscience, and humanities. Her primary passions include learning and teaching, as well as reading, writing, drawing, painting, and music.

Miss Rosas has had the honor of developing a bicultural academic background, which she finds both powerful and honorable. She has a deep love for books, libraries, nature, and people. Her interests extend to studying the human brain and women’s culture, which she holds in high regard.

With a strong commitment to pedagogy and families, Miss Rosas believes that an educated mind can make a significant difference and contribute positively to the community. Family and faith are her core personal values, while ethics and commitment define her professional ethos.

She thrives in classroom environments, surrounded by people and books, and enjoys classical and jazz music, animals, and moments of silence. Miss Rosas is enthusiastic about serving and making a difference with her knowledge, passions, and talents.

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ESOL Instructor

Blanca Mendoza

Blanca Mendoza was born in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. She has three wonderful kids and four beautiful grandkids. Enthusiastic, caring, and very responsible, Blanca loves going to the movie theater and enjoying popcorn. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

Blanca came to the United States when she was 11 years old and became a U.S. citizen in 1980. She worked as an Instructional Assistant for Gadsden School District for about five years before deciding to become a teacher. She taught different grade levels for English Language Learners and worked in this district for 19 years. Teaching is her passion.

After moving to Yuma, Blanca worked for Somerton School District, teaching various grade levels and Junior High. She also has experience working with adults and admires their eagerness to learn. Blanca retired in 2022 and is enjoying her retirement to the fullest.

She is looking forward to working with this wonderful group of adults.

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ESOL & IET Instructor

Maria Duarte

Maria Duarte is a part-time ELAA instructor at Adult Literacy Plus. She
received her Master’s in Bilingual Multicultural Education from Northern Arizona University – Yuma.
Maria had worked at Adult Literacy Plus for fourteen years as an instructor of different subjects, including Spanish classes for seniors, English classes for workplace, and Pre-Literacy classes for students learning how to read and write. She has taught ABE-ASE Reading,
Writing and Mathematics. She also volunteers GED Mathematics instruction for ESL students studying for the Spanish GED exam.
Maria’s most valuable memory at ALPS is being able to help a blind student earn High School Equivalency. She learned Braille and customized her instruction to help her student visualize mathematical reasoning concepts in exciting innovative ways. She’s always moved when her former students reach her with current educational stories and successes.
Maria has a passion for teaching; she enjoys working with adults so they can reach their potential and to make goals for their future.
In Maria’s spare time, she loves to sew, and does face painting in various community events throughout
the year.

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College and Career Navigator

Araceli Molina

Araceli Molina earned her Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in Liberal Studies.
Her extensive background in both educational settings and community outreach programs have
rewarded her with valuable experiences along the way.
She worked as an educator assistant and mentor for struggling students with specific academic
needs in public schools. As she moved forward in her career, a variety of roles were added to
her curriculum. She worked for a government funded institution (Imperial Valley Regional
Occupational Program) that offers a wide range of services that target low income families and
individuals. Some of her additional roles include facilitator of Positive Parenting, Healthy
Marriage/Relationship, and Financial Literacy sessions. In addition, she worked as a case
manager, recruiter and assisted in employ-ability workshops for the same institution. She is
aware of the importance to collaborate with partner agencies, as well as to build and maintain
close relationships in coordination support to client’s advancement.
Araceli is actively involved in faith based ministries from her local church and enjoys
volunteering for community events. Araceli’s innate ability to connect with others and her
passion to serve in every aspect of her life has allowed her to take part in many success stories
along her path.

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ESOL Instructor

Renee Mendoza

Renee has been serving the Yuma community for over 20 years in event planning and in the medical field with a passion that has guided him toward the teaching arena. Renee is now serving as one of the ESOL instructors at Adult Literacy Plus and looks forward to providing a curated experience for all learners.
As a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science (BHS) degree, Renee will navigate within evolving methods of our instructional domain and individualize case management to encourage and empower our students along their developmental paths.

Renee enjoys singing in an acoustic duet for formal and community-based events and dedicates loving care to his elderly parents.

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Administrative Assistant I

Janneth Melendrez

Janneth Melendrez joined the ALPS’s team in June 2021 as Administrative Assistant I. She is a capable, determined, confident, and well-organized administrative assistant, with extensive experience in supporting program management by providing them with consistent clerical support. She is a highly approachable individual who has a pleasant attitude and a willingness to make a positive mark.

Janneth approaches all aspects of any job with a positive, hard-working mindset and is passionate about helping find solutions to any challenges. She brings with her an extensive background in customer service from faith-based and corporate environments.
A high school graduate of Portable Practical Educational Preparation (PPEP), Janneth understands the barriers that many adult education students face and appreciates the empowerment students gain from our service delivery.

In her spare time, Janneth volunteers at her church and binge watches Netflix drama series. A middle child, she lives in Somerton with her parents and two siblings.

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Data & Assessment Coordinator

Anna Estrada

Anna Estrada studied at Adult Literacy Plus of SW AZ (ALPS) in 2008 and earned her High
School Equivalency diploma through the Yuma School District 70 in 2009. She has earned her
Entrepreneurial Education Studies and Administrative Assistant Fundamentals Certifications
from Arizona Western College and is currently on hiatus from her Occupational Office
Management Certificate and Associates Degree in Business Administration.
Anna is the Administrative Assistant II in the office where she coordinates eligibility and
registration, assessment administration, and data entry for the program.

Anna enjoys guiding clients to understand the registration and assessment process when they
begin enrollment into the program. She feels it is a job well done when the client is fully and
well-informed on the decisions they are about to make in continuing their education and
advancing their career goals.

Anna is a member of the Arizona Association for Lifelong Learning (AALL), Commission on
Adult Basic Education (COABE), American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP),
and International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

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Program Director

Jesse Figueroa

Jesse Figueroa is Program Director at Adult Literacy Plus. He opens the lines of communication between students, teachers and community partners to provide Adult Education services in Yuma County. With over 20 years in both private and public sectors, Jesse has experience in program improvement, team building, professional development, curriculum implementation and partner collaboration.

His previous program manager and instructor roles with ALPS, Yuma School District 1, Crane Schools, and the South Yuma County Consortium have earned him the trust, respect and credibility of policymakers and educational leaders in the community. He represents adult education for Yuma County’s Local Workforce Development Board, the Educational Opportunity Center’s Charter High School Board, ARIZONA@WORK’s Standing Youth Committee and Goodwill’s Business & Advisory Council.

Jesse holds a Master of Science in Human Relations degree from Northern Arizona University and a Certified Manager of Program Improvement certificate from the Arizona Department of Education.